DealFlow Source provides institutional investors with an efficient and cost-effective deal flow solution by leveraging economies of scale and technology.

Investor Benefits

Gain broad market coverage on qualified investment and acquisition opportunities.
Investors using DealFlow Source’s full service offering can have the confidence that they’ve covered the entire deal landscape. DealFlow Source provides investor clients with highly targeted deal flow sourced from Buy Side Network Searches conducted across an expansive network of over 80,000 deal professionals, proprietary deal flow sourced from DealFlow Source’s Buy Side Target Research, and deal flow sourced from over 250 investment and acquisition opportunities submitted each month by sellers to DealFlow Source’s Deal Database.
Leverage time and reduce research costs.
DealFlow Source enables investors to outsource their deal origination and research in a cost-effective manner with measurable results and a quantifiable return on investment. As a result, investors can focus their effort on closing more deals and be more selective on the deals they choose to pursue.
Receive actionable deal flow through a highly targeted deal delivery approach.
By using in-house analysts and a robust deal matching technology, DealFlow Source is able to deliver highly targeted deal flow to investor clients through detailed quantitative and qualitative investment criteria matching which increases the rate of deal pursuits and reduces the time investor clients spend on reviewing deal teasers for deals of interest.