Affordable and customized buy side research for institutional investors.
Use our Buy Side Target Research to increase proprietary deal flow and identify potential buyers for portfolio company exits.

Buy Side Target Research Features

Dedicated Research Staff
DealFlow Source’s US-based, in-house team of analysts use industry leading research tools to provide investor clients with best in class buy side target research.
Flexible and Affordable Pricing
DealFlow Source’s Buy Side Target Research is priced well under the expense of hiring an in-house analyst and cost for leading data subscriptions enabling small investor firms to have large firm research capabilities and large investor firms to recognize significant cost savings over the cost of in-house fulfillment. DealFlow Source’s pricing, monthly and quarterly subscription options, and status reports provide investors with measurable results and a quantifiable return on investment without requiring a long term commitment.
Proprietary Deal Flow
DealFlow Source’s Buy Side Target Research can significantly increase proprietary deal flow for investors seeking direct introductions to issuers. When combined with deal flow sourced from Deal Flow Source’s Buy Side Network Searches and Deal Database, investors are able to cover the entire deal landscape on both intermediated and non-intermediated opportunities.
Buyer Identification for Portfolio Company Exits
Investors seeking an exit from a current portfolio company can use DealFlow Source’s Buy Side Target Research to also identify potential financial and strategic buyers based on specific buyer characteristics and financial parameters.