A multifaceted and highly targeted deal origination approach.
DealFlow Source applies the same quantitative and qualitative analysis used by buy side firms to provide investors with highly targeted deal flow in combination with the deal volume offered by leading deal flow exchanges and networks.

How We Originate Deals

Buy Side Network Searches
DealFlow Source leverages its expansive deal network to conduct buy side searches on behalf of investor clients. With over 80,000 deal professionals, the DealFlow Source Network is the largest network for deal professionals involved in the private equity, venture capital and M&A industries.
Deal Database
DealFlow Source receives over 250 investment and acquisition opportunities each month from sellers of which it sources qualified deal flow for investor clients based on their detailed investment criteria.
Buy Side Target Research
DealFlow Source uses leading research tools to source proprietary deal flow from target company lists generated from investor clients’ detailed investment criteria, buy side teasers and mandates.
Investor Driven, Quantitative and Qualitative Deal Criteria Matching
DealFlow Source’s robust deal matching technology and in-house analysts match investor clients’ detailed quantitative and qualitative investment criteria with deal characteristics to provide investor clients with highly targeted deal flow resulting in a high rate of investor deal pursuits. DealFlow Source’s investor driven deal origination process also improves deal quality by preventing sellers from promoting opportunities to investor clients that they otherwise would not be interested in.