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From an investor’s perspective, how is DealFlow Source different from online deal flow exchanges or networks?
DealFlow Source is different from online deal flow exchanges and networks in the following ways for investors:
Investor Driven Process.

DealFlow Source applies an investor driven deal origination process and takes into account investor clients’ quantitative and qualitative investment criteria which results in highly targeted deal flow with a high rate of investor deal pursuits. Most online deal flow exchanges and networks apply a seller driven process to promote deals to investors and rely on broad quantitative criteria matching that require investors to review numerous deal teasers in order to identify deals of interest.

Proprietary Deal Flow.

Investors are able to use DealFlow Source’s Buy Side Target Research and Buy Side Network Searches to generate proprietary deal flow as opposed to the nonproprietary deal flow they mostly receive through deal flow exchanges and networks.

Network Size.

With over 80,000 deal members, no other online deal flow exchanges or network matches the size of the DealFlow Source Network for investment and acquisition searches.

Flexible Fee Options.

DealFlow Source is the only leading deal flow provider that offers investors both subscription and success fee options.

How is DealFlow Source different from buy side firms?
DealFlow Source is different from buy side firms in the following ways:
Technology and Proprietary Process.

DealFlow Source uses a robust deal matching technology and proprietary process that significantly reduces deal identification, qualifying and delivery time to investors.

Network Size and Deal Flow Volume.

DealFlow Source’s Buy Side Network Searches are broadcasted to over 80,000 network members (investment bankers, business intermediaries, company principals and owners, CPAs, attorneys, financial and business advisors, etc.) who are traditional sources of deal flow for investors thus limiting the need for inefficient outbound call efforts. DealFlow Source also attracts over 250 actionable opportunities each month from its network.

Flexible and Affordable Subscription Pricing.

DealFlow Source offers investors flexible and affordable monthly and quarterly subscription billing options as opposed to significant retainers charged by traditional buy side firms for retained searches.

Does DealFlow Source provide buy side advisory services?
For investors requiring further assistance beyond target research and identification, DealFlow Source also provides a full range of buy side advisory services.
How are investors charged for DealFlow Source’s services?
Investors interested in DealFlow Source’s services can select between a “Subscription Only” or “Subscription and Success Fee” payment option.
Do investors have any type of exclusivity on the deal flow that is provided to them?
DealFlow Source does not provide any exclusivity to investors on intermediated investment or acquisition opportunities. DealFlow Source does provide an exclusivity period to subscription investors on non-intermediated opportunities sourced from its Buy Side Network Searches and Buy Side Target Research.
What can investors expect in terms of deal size?
Although the range of revenue and EBITDA can vary widely, DealFlow Source’s deal size typically falls between $5 million to $500 million in revenue and $1 million to $50 million in EBITDA.
Are DealFlow Source’s services available to investors based outside the US?
DealFlow Source’s services are available to select institutional investors based outside the US that seek to invest in or acquire North American-based middle market companies.
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